Teresa, i Agree With Nina. i Like to Saute my onions, carrots, And celery --- But These Should be *finelyChopped* And Should Have Melted Into The Sauce Anyway After 10 Minutes of Cooking (even Without Sauteing).

What is The Psi Value For The High-Pressure Setting on Your Cooker (check Your Manual)? on Mine, HighPressure = 15 Psi (the Common High Pressure Value). That Value Can Effect The Cooking Time For Your Meats AndVeggies. When i Want 1-Inch Slices of celery in a Stew to be Almost Crisp-Tender (a Bit Softer), i Cook ThemFor 5 Minutes at High Pressure, With a Quick-Release.

Steve, Your Comment About Acids Toughening Vegetables is Very Interesting And I'd Like to Know More AboutThat. i Know That Too Many Acids Will Toughen Dried beans to Some Extent When Cooking Them. That Could beVery Useful in Working With The Timing of a Recipe, Don't You Think? do You Have Any Resources For That IssueAnd Would You Please Share Them? my Curiosity Would Love to do Some Research on That.

One Last Thing: tomato Products (including tomato Paste) Should be Poured on *top* of The Rest of TheIngredients And *not Stirred In* Before Cooking. This Will Reduce or Eliminate The Scorching Problem AndMight Help a Little With The Acid Reaction That Steve Mentioned.

A Heat Diffuser Under The Cooker Will Help a Scorching Problem Too.


Steve Brettell Wrote: > Acids, Like The tomato Sauce, Toughens Vegetables, And Require Longer > Cooking Times. i Find it Works Best in a Pot in a Pot Situation, so That It > Doesn't Scorch. The tomatoes Also Have a Lot of sugar, so it Will Burn > Easilly. > > on 1/21/07, Tcrouzer <tcrouzer@yahoo.Com> Wrote: >> so Today i Thought i Would Try a spaghetti Sauce Recipe in my 4 Qt. >> Presto. i Followed a Recipe That i Either Got Here or on The Web. i >> Checked my Manual to be Sure i Didn't go Past The 2/3 Fill Line, >> Brought The Pot up to Pressure And Cooked For 10 Minutes, Quick >> Release Under Cold Running water. Opened The Pot - And The celery And >> onions Weren't Even Cooked Enough. >> >> i Used Crushed tomatoes (28oz.) Instead of The Stewed tomatoes Called >> For in The Recipe, But i Added Extra water - About a Cup - to be Sure >> Enough Steam Would be Generated. Recipe Also Had a Small (6oz) Can Of >> tomato Paste Which i Added. >> >> The Pot Sealed Normally, But The Sauce Really Didn't Cook. >> >> Anyone Have Any Clues as to What Happened? I'm Now Simmering The Pot >> on The Stove With The Lid Just Laid on Top to Contain The Splatters. >> >> Thanks For Any Insight. >> Teresa >> >> >> > > >

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