Name Variations Edit

  • paella rice

About Spanish rice Edit

Spanish rice is similar to Fried Rice; this South of the Border Mexican style dish is prepared by sautéing the unprepared rice before cooking in liquid. Tomatoes and annatto are added to develop this dish. Spanish rice is a dish prepared from white rice, tomatoes, garlic, onions, and extra ingredients. One frequent preparation is to toast the rice and cook it in chicken broth. Spanish rice is a common dish in the American Southwest, where it is attach of Tex-Mex cuisine, and frequently features generous chunks of grilled and stewed vegetables. Spanish rice is prepared by browning the rice primary with onions and garlic, before cooking it in chicken broth with added tomato. The browning is important to the nutty, almost toasty taste of the rice. And even if bouillon can be replace with for the chicken stock, nothing can be tastier than chicken stock homemade, the rich savor of which is absorbed by the rice. Spanish rice goes very well with chicken and is used to prepare special dishes. This dish is very important in countries like Spain or México but also is prepared in east part of United States.

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