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Purchased from the Reinhart Estate in Ida, Oklahoma in 1992. Dated 1961. Note on card says this is Uncle Jack's favorite salmon recipe. Dated 1944.

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  1. Remove the skin and bones from the salmon, chop the meat fine, and add salt, white pepper or paprika, soft breadcrumbs, lemon juice or vinegar, and well beaten eggs.
  2. Mix thoroughly, and pack in six or eight oiled cups, filing the cups even full.
  3. Set the cups at once in a pan containing hot water that comes to about an inch below their tops, and bake for one-half hour.
  4. If the oven is very hot, lay a sheet of thick paper over the cups.
  5. Turn out upon a hot platter, thrust a sprig of parsley or celery, or a clove, into the center of each puff, and pour about them any good sauce.
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