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A very different, visually stunning, awesome summer salad. Kaikoura Restaurant in New Zealand (South Island) . 6 servings 10 minutes preparation


Spinach and Pear Summer Salad

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Gently wash spinach leaved under cold water. Drain spinach leaves. Cut Pear in half and remove core and seeds. Thinly slice Pears and spinkle with lemon juice to avoid turning brown. Peel and very thinly slice onions. Crumble feta Cheese. In a large bowl, place torn spinach leaves. Arrange thin Pear slices and Onion ontop of the spinach. Gently crumble feta Cheese over spinach, Pears and Onion rings. Finally, toss pine nuts over the entire salad. Serve with a good quality balsamic vinegariate. Delicious with fresh , or simply as an entree.

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