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Sprats are related to sardines and herrings. Found all around the coastline of the UK, including the Atlantic, English Channel, and North Sea. This oily fish is a fantastic source of protein and vitamins. Sprats are tiny, silver fish with very oily flesh. They have a firm, pink, full flavored flesh. Sprats are usually small fish of the genus Clupea and survive by feeding themselves with plants and animals that form the plankton or with insects and fish eggs. Their coloring varies from silvery with pink to purple iridescence. They live a long period depending on their location and habitat conditions. Their dimensions vary from five inches and five hundred grams to fifteen inches and two kilograms. The pectoral fins help them to move while the tail speed them up. The head and body have an indistinct outline caused by the presence of numerous small flaps of skin. The gill slits are behind and lower than the base of the pectoral fins. His scientific name is Sprattus sprattus and is a pelagic species which are susceptible to changes in water temperature.

The smallest sprats are packed in oil, in which case they're usually called brisling or brisling sardines.

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