Seafood is one of the most common varieties of food items that are loved by many all over the world. They are succulent, juicy and filled flavours! There are many dishes that showcase the vibrant colours and the essences of the variety of seafood treats and you can try these at many of the renowned beach restaurants and resorts the likes of BerjayaLangkawi Resort. Below is a recipe that you can savour at these places or you can prepare it yourself from the comfort of your home.


·        Prawns                                     80gm

·        FishFillet                                  80gm

·        Squid                                       80gm

·        RedCurry Paste                        60gm

·        KaffirLeaf                                 30gm

·        Sugar                                       20gm

·        ThaiBasil                                 40gm

·        RedChilli                                  30gm

·        Eggs                                        2 Nos.

·        CoconutMilk                             200ml

·        YoungCoconut                         1 Nos.

Preparation Method

1.     Cut the top part of the youngcoconut and remove the water.

2.     Heat up oil in a wok and add in the curry paste, and coconut milk and bring it to a boil.

3.     Add in the seafood and the rest of the ingredients and cook until they change colour

4.     Pour the contents of the wok into the coconut shell and steam for 5 minutes

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