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On his Latin name Ambloplites rupestris Stone bass is a brown fish of the Atlantic and Mediterranean which can be found around rocks and shipwrecks. Stone bass is also called Wreakfish and is a member of the sunfish family. Stone bass dimensions can vary from six to eight inches and the color golden brown to olive, with silver to white belly and with red eyes. Similar to the majority of the other members of its family, the stone bass has a very deep, laterally compressed body. This fish's favored environment is apparent, cold to warm waters over a gravel or rocky bottom with some vegetation, and they are frequently found close to breakwaters and stone-armored shorelines. Through the winter, stone bass move to deeper water, where they enter a form of semi hibernation. Stone bass will eat an extensive diversity of foods, including crayfish, small fish, and insects. Adults feed most seriously in the evening and morning. Little stone bass become food for bigger predatory fishes such as big basses, northern pike, and muskiest, and they fight with such fish as smallmouth bass for provisions.

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