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Fresh ruby red strawberries give your taste buds a treat. The juice is sweet and tantalizing. Even the aroma of fresh berries excites the palate and prepares the way for a great adventure in eating. Try this recipe as you partake of a fruit that is luscious, beautiful in color, and heavenly in any menu plan. Enjoy!

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Strawberry Creme Edit

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  1. Using a 6-cup ring mold - lightly oil.
  2. Drain the strawberry slices, but keep the liquid. Add water to the strawberry juice to equal ¾ cup.
  3. Sprinkle gelatin over the liquid and let stand for 3 mins. Refrigerate the drained berries.
  4. In pan, combine the Sugar, chocolate chips and 1/2 cups milk.
  5. Cook gently over low heat, stirring constantly until mixture is very smooth and hot.
  6. Add the gelatin mixture, stirring constantly, until gelatin is completely dissolved and the entire mixture is integrated. Remove from heat, add remaining milk and vanilla.
  7. Pour into bowl. Refrigerate for 1 hr. Check to see if mixture mounds when dropped from spoon.
  8. If not, continue keeping in refrigerate and repeat checking.
  9. Using a mixer, beat the heavy cream until stiff; fold into the chocolate mixture.
  10. Pour into the prepared mold and refrigerate 3 hrs. Unmold and garnish with Strawberry Creme.

Strawberry Creme Edit

  1. Mash refrigerated strawberries. Using mixer, beat whipping cream and vanilla until stiff.
  2. Fold in mashed strawberries and red food coloring. (Use enough coloring to give a pretty pink hue to the mixture.)
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