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In Romanian: Pepene galben umplut

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  1. Peel, seed and cube the apple and pear.
  2. Do the same for the plums and peaches.
  3. Wash the grapes well.
  4. Put all these fruits in a bowl and mix with a tablespoon of sugar.
  5. Cut a slice off the top of the cantaloupe and remove all seeds.
  6. Then fill with the other fruits, shaking the cantaloupe well for the fruits to settle and mix.
  7. Heat the wine and sugar to a boil, add the gelatine and mix with a spoon so that it dissolves well.
  8. Strain through a sieve and add the rum and vanilla.
  9. When the mixture is almost cold, pour into the cantaloupe to cover the fruits and then refrigerate.
  10. When serving, halve lengthwise and then each half in slices.
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