Stuffed onions

Cut onions in Half Crosswise, Peel And Remove Centers, Leaving 2 or 3 Layers of Onion. Set Aside. Finely Chop Enough Onion Centers to Make 1 Cup. Combine Chopped Onion, Ground Beef, egg, salt And 1/4 Cup Barbecue Sauce. Mix Well And Make 6 Large Meatballs. Fit Meat Mixture Into 6 Onion Halves, Mounding it up so That Second Onion Half Fits Over It. Place Stuffed onions in a Shallow Baking Pan. Bake in a 350 Oven For 45 to 60 Minutes. Baste With Remaining Barbecue Sauce During The Last 25 Minutes of Cooking Time. onions May be Cooked on Grill. Wrap in Foil And Cook Over Hot Coals For 30 Minutes. Carefully Open Foil Packets And Baste onions With Barbecue Sauce. Grill For Another 25 Minutes or Until onions Are Tender And Meat is Done. Makes 6 Servings

Source: Marlboro Country Cookbook

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