Stuffed Roasted peppers

A Few Sprigs of Fresh

parsley, Chopped Fine

salt And pepper

flour And Beaten eggs (enough to Dredge peppers In)olive oil to Fry peppers in

Drain peppers And Rinse With water. Open peppers, Splitting in One Side, soThat They Lay Flat on Counter. Sprinkle With Small Amount of Breadcrumbs,Reserving Most to Coat peppers With. Add Minced garlic, Shredded FontinaCheese, parsley, And Grated Romano Cheese. Roll up peppers, Keeping as MuchFilling Inside as Possible, Then Dredge in flour, egg, Then Seasoned BreadCrumbs And Set Aside. Heat olive oil on Medium-High Heat in Frypan. WhenHot, Fry peppers Until Golden, Turning Once to Brown Evenly. Sprinkle WithSalt And pepper And Serve.

Stuffed Roasted peppers

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