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GREAT SIDEDISH FOR SUSHI LOVERS!!! Low fat, low calorie salad that goes with anything. Try it out you will be bound to fall in love with it.

Sushi Salad 1

Sushi Salad

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Cook rice let cool for 5 minutes.
While rice is cooking cut all 3 peppers into medium square pieces (about the size of your pinky finger nail).
Cut cucumber into slices (not peeled) then cut each slice into fours.
Grate carrot.
Add rice vinegar to the rice and mix up.
Add all vegtables to rice and mix up.
Take soy sauce and put it in a closed lid container with wassabi and shake until all wassabi has dissolved into soy sauce.
Mix soy/wassabi sauce into rice.
Crunch up sushi seaweed paper onto the top of salad.
Put imitation crab on salad as desired.
Also eat with pickled ginger on the side if you would like.
Its also good if you put some steamed sliced white Mushrooms into the salad as well but its awesome without as well. ENJOY.

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