Sugar Eggs


1 beaten egg white 1/2 c. confectioners sugar 3 1/2 c. granulated sugar


Beat egg white, add confectioners sugar, then add granulated sugar. Use food coloring if desired. Put in mold; let dry for about 1/2 hour; scoop out mold to the right thickness. I fasten the two halves of the eggs together with Royal Icing and decorate inside with scene and outside with the icing. don't forget to make an opening in front for the peep hole.

These make a great gift and can be stored for the following year. People love them

Royal Icing


3 level Tablespoons of Meringue Powder OR 3 Egg whites at room temperature but don't add the water 1 lb. confectionery sugar 3 � water tablespoons (slightly less than � cup) � tsp. cream of tartar


Place all ingredients in a mixing bowl and beat with an electric mixer for 7 - 10 minutes. After it has been mixed you may add additional water to thin it down for other purposes, such as color flow. Use stiff for flowers and other decorating purposes.

Keep the bowl covered with a damp cloth at all times. This icing hardens when exposed to air. Homemaking_Life by Gina

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