Super Easy lemon Cheesecake

Juice of 2 Large lemons

Zest of 2 Large lemons

Extra Cream to Decorate (optional)

Spray a Medium Sized Deep Pan With oil. Layer TheBiscuits on The Bottom of The Pan to Form The Crust.Dissolve The Jelly Crystals in The Boiling water; StirTo Ensure They Are Completely Dissolved And Allow ToCool.

Cream Together The cream cheese, condensed milk AndLemon Juice. Gently Mix The Cooled jelly mix Into TheCheese Mixture, Mixing Well.

Whip The Cream Until Stiff And Gently Fold Through TheMixture. Add lemon Zest, Stirring Gently. Pour The

Cheese Mix Into The Pan. (don't Stir Too Much or ShakeIt Up; The Air Whipped in Keeps it Light.)

Refrigerate Overnight. Decorate With whipped cream AndThe Decorations of Your Choice.


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