Sweet Cream Braid



Dough---In Large Bowl, Mix 1 Cup bread flour, 1 Cup flour, yeast, sugar And salt. in Saucepan, Melt butter in water. Let Cool to 130 Degrees. Add to flour, Beat Until Combined. Stir in eggs. Stir in Remaining bread flour, Then flour 1 Cup at a Time. Knead Dough on Floured Surface Until Smooth, 10 minutes. Adding flour if Needed. Place in Greased Bowl, Turn to Coat. Cover With Towel. Let Rise in Warm Place Until Doubled, 1 Hour. Filling---In Small Bowl, Beat cream cheese, sugar, flour, egg, vanilla And nutmeg Until Smooth. Set Aside. Punch Down Dough, Let Rest 5 minutes. Divide Dough in Half. Cover One Half. Divide Remaing Half Into Thirds. Roll Out One Third Into 15x5 Inch Rectangle. Spread With 3 Tbs Filling. Roll up From Long Side. Repeat With Remaining 2 Pieces. Coat 2 Baking Sheets With cooking spray. Braid 3 Ropes Together. Tucks Ends Under. Place on Baking Sheets. Cover Loosely With Plastic. Repeat With Other Half of Dough For Second Loaf. Cover, Let Rise Until Doubled, 45

minutes. Heat Oven to 375 Degrees. Uncover Loaves, Brush With Beaten egg. Bake For 30 minutes. or Until Loaves Sound Hollow When Tapped. Cool. Makes 2 Loaves.*

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