Ah fresh homemade yogurt, yum! I intensely hated yogurt growing up. Why, because I hated sour things and still do. So how am I saying that I love yogurt so much now? Well I’m not talking about that nasty store bought stuff Yuk! yogurt you buy in your local supermarket not only has inferior taste but it contains unhealthy additives such as pectin and gelatin. Plus it is considered “ old” and does not come close to the health benefits of fresh homemade yogurt. Homemade yogurt is made with a starter and milk that produces a delicate, sweet, and smooth probiotic and protein gem. By eating fresh yogurt every day you will be adding to your diet an aid to the digestive process because it contains lactobacilli and friendly intestinal bacteria.Which will aid in the weight-loss process. It is a pleasant and soothing end to a meal or if you need a hold over between meals. Don’ eat candy bars drink a mango lassi. It is easy and fun to make, before bedtime whip some up so you will have it the next morning. If your first attempt fails don’t be discouraged simply take the lumps that have collected on the bottom of the jar and use that to start your next batch. Ayurveda does not recommend refrigeration though as it will lose its vitality. yogurt that is more than a day old will start to digest itself. Then it will have a toxic influence on the physiology. You can however use old yogurt to make Paneer. It doesn’t last very long around my house anyway and I doubt it will at yours. Once you have tried it you will never go back to that sour stuff they sell in supermarkets you may even want to invest in a yogurt-making machine.

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