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There are two main types of cherries: sweet and sour. Sweet cherries are higher in calories and lower in vitamin C and beta carotene than sour cherries.

  • Bing – This variety is the best known sweet cherry. It is large, round, extra-sweet and has a purple-red flesh and a deep red skin that is close to black when fully ripe. The Bing is available from the end of May until early August.
  • Lambert – This variety is the second most popular sweet cherry. It is smaller than the Bing and is more heart shaped. It has a dark-red skin and a rich flavor. Lamberts are available a bit longer than the Bing, usually until the end of August.
  • Rainier – This variety is sweet with a yellow or pinkish skin. It is milder and sweeter than the Bing. However, this variety is grown in limited quantities.
  • Royal Ann – This variety has a blush-yellow skin and is often canned or made into maraschino cherries.

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