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About Sweet dumpling squash Edit

Squashes are part of the cucurbita family and they are also known as pumpkins. The first pumpkins were original from parts of the world like Mexico and Guatemala – in these cuisines, pumpkins have an important place. There is a wide range of such fruits, which are all characterized by a tender inner flesh in orange tones and a mild-sweet taste. The sweet dumpling squash is very similar to the golden nudged squash, as they are both small and colored in light orange. Sometimes, the sweet dumpling squash also presents some green lines. The most valuable health factors that are provided by this squash are the A and C vitamins and the iron and potassium.

Because the taste and flesh of the fruit is very moist, the sweet dumpling squash is prepared as cooked as both a vegetable and as a fruit and it can is included in various dishes and desserts. The squashes have a special meaning in the North American cuisine, as they are part of the traditional Thanksgiving dinner.

Sweet dumpling squash Recipes Edit

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