About Swordfish

Swordfish, scientifically known as Xiphias Gladius, is a part of Xiphias genus and Xiphiidae family. The swordfish lives in tropical, subtropical and temperate waters and they live in waters with temperatures of five to fifteen degrees. Swordfish is a large fish it can reach four meters and five hundred forty kilograms. Being the only member of this family, swordfish is also called the gladiator because it has a long bill which is very similar to a sword. The sword-like bill helps the fish to protect himself from bigger fishes and to capture its prey. The body is round shaped, covered with embedded scales when it is an adult and it has a silvery white color. Swordfishes are know to feed themselves with pelagic fish such as tuna, dorado, barracuda, flying fish, mackerel, hake, rockfish and squid are also part of their menu. They have a great ability of capture fishes on the one hand because of its sword -like bill and on the other hand because of the ability of increasing their sight when the warm water heats the eyes. Young and immature swordfishes are captured by adult swordfishes.

Swordfish Recipes

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