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About Sydney Rock Oyster Edit

The Sydney rock oyster, scientifically known as Saccostrea glomerata, is an oyster species which can be found in Australia. Sidney rock oyster can be found in bays, inlets and sheltered estuaries. Sydney rock oysters are able to tolerate a large range of salinities. They are frequently found in the intertidal zone in depth of three meters. Sydney rock oysters are release eggs and sperm into open water where fertilization process occurs. After several hours of fertilization the eggs become swimming planktonic larvae. During the period of about three weeks when larvae swim in estuaries of three meters depth they develop transparent shells and a retractable foot. The foot disappears after the shell attaches on the shell. Growth rates vary with local conditions. Sydney rock oysters’ dimensions can vary from forty to sixty grams. Sydney rock oysters begin their life as males and they change sex during life. More than seventy five percent of Sidney oysters found around Australia was females. They are filter feeders, Sidney rock oysters survive by feeding on plankton algae. Sidney rock oysters are eaten by birds, fish, stingrays, mud crabs and starfish.

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