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Tabouleh in the middle east has much more Parsley than bulgur wheat, unlike versions in the west. I make it without the optional olive oil and garlic, but they are usually used. You can add more or less ingredients to suit your taste. Takes only 30 minutes to prepare and serves 8 people. Parsley in excess can make the dish quite pungent and unpleasant. You should be able to see the bulgur wheat and all of the ingredients without smothering them with parsley.

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  1. Parsley, green chile and onions must be finely minced.
  2. Combine the parsley, tomatoes, onions , cucumber and green chile.
  3. Soak the bulgur cracked wheat in water for about two hours, drain and remove as much water as possible, and.
  4. Add to the parsley mixture.
  5. Combine the lemon juice, olive oil, garlic, salt and pepper; mix well.
  6. Add the lemon mixture to the salad, mix and refrigerate till serving.
  7. Place romaine lettuce leaves open face up on a platter, spoon 2 or 3 tablespoons of wheat mixture on each leaf.
  8. And eat by holding the entire lettuce leaf by the small end, making a boat with the lettuce leaf to hold the wheat mixture in the middle.
  9. Tabouleh should be eaten within two days.
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