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Spicy Seafood kebab[]

Among the many kebab dishes, Seafood kebab remains one of the most loved dishes all around the globe. Commonly served in restaurants and resorts close to the sea the likes of Berjaya Hotel Colombo , the seafood Kebab is a succulent and juicy dish that will certainly tantalize one’s taste buds. Find below an easy recipe to prepare this dish from the comfort of your home.


·         CuttlefishCuttlefish                                               300gm

·         Prawns                                                 300gm

·         Crab                                                      300gm

·         Green Bell Pepper                                  20gm

·         Chili Powder                                          20gm

·         Crushed Garlic                                                   20gm

·         Lemon Grass                                                       20gm

·         Ginger                                                                   20gm

·         Coriander Powder                                           10gm

·         Cumin Seen Powder                                       10gm

·         Lime Juice                                                           2 Nos.

·         Black Pepper                                                     10gm

·         Juggery                                                                20gm

·         Bombay Onion                                                  15gm

·         Coriander Leaves                                             10gm

Preparation Method

1.       Make a paste with crushed garlic, lemongrass, ginger, black pepper, salt and lime juice.

2.       Then Marinate the seafood kebabs with the paste and leave for 15-30 minutes

3.       Grill the Kebabs

4.       For the sauce, Cook the paste with ginger, garlic, onions and chilli powder.

5.       Stir in the jaggery and cook for 10 minutes

6.       Add salt, pepper and lemongrass to taste.

7.       Glaze the sauce over the cooked kebabs or serve it separately with but remember to serve the kebabs hot!