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The tangelo is a member of the citrus family oranges, lemons, and grapefruit. Like all citrus trees it is an evergreen with thick bright green waxy leaves. The fruit start to ripen from late autumn through to late winter and will hold on the tree for between one and two months. The fruit of a Tangelo looks similar to a mandarine. It combines the tartness of a grapefruit with the flavor, smell and ease of peeling of a mandarin. The tangelo is citrus fruit that is a hybrid of any mandarin orange, popularly known as a tangerine, and either a pomelo or a grapefruit.Tangelos range from the size of a standard sweet orange to the size of a grapefruit, but are usually somewhat necked at the base. The peel is fairly loose and easily removed. The pulp is often colorful, sub acid, of fine flavor and very juicy. The trees are large, more cold-tolerant than the grapefruit but not quite as hardy as the mandarin.

Tangelo is used in preparing special dishes like marmalade or fruits salads which offer to the consumer a special taste and flavor.

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