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Teardrop tomatoes are a kind of small nightshade tomatoes in a yellow color, which are available all year long. This plant, which is considered a vegetable, it is actually a berry (or a fruit), with the origins in the Andes mountains and it is related to eggplants and pepper. The best teardrop tomatoes are firm, colored in yellow, without broken or wrinkled skin and brown parts. The green blush of these tomatoes certifies that they are about to ripe. The teardrop tomatoes are very nutritional aliments, as they contain low sugars, low calories and lots of fiber, protein, vitamin A, vitamin C (35 %), iron and sodium.

The teardrop tomatoes are very low in fat and calories and include no cholesterol. Added to this, they include the vitamins B and C, iron, zinc and potassium. Due to all these properties, grape tomatoes are very healthy aliments, which can be included fresh in various salads. Besides salads, teardrop tomatoes are used in sandwiches, salsas, chilies, stews, casseroles and prepared as stuffed or broiled.

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