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Tempura Wasabi Crisps

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For Batter

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1) Thinly slice Wasabi root.

2) Drink sake or serve with crisps .

To make the batter.

1) Lightly beat the egg until the yolk is broken and starting to blend with the white.

2) Stir in the flour and the water, until just combined, do not over mix the batter; there should be a few lumps in the mixture.

3) Set the batter bowl in a larger bowl filled with ice cubes or crushed ice.

To cook the crisps.

1) Heat about 12 cm (4") of vegetable oil in a deep heavy based pan to a temperature of 180 °C/350 °F or until a cube of bread browns in 30 seconds.

2) Dip the thinly sliced Wasabi root into the batter and then carefully slip them into the hot oil.

3) Fry the crisps five at a time for about 30 seconds until the batter is golden and very crisp. [They normally float when cooked.].

4) Drain on kitchen paper, and keep warm while frying the remaining crisps.

5) Serve at once with the Namida® Wasabi Mayonnaise.

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