Before grilling or broiling it, beef steak should be tenderized in order to have a tender and succulent taste. Tenderizing methods permit some of the less tender cuts of beef, usually cow’s meat, to be cooked with high heat processes like grilling and broiling, which are frequently reserved for tender cuts. There are many methods of tenderizing meat such as pounding and marinating. The pounding act flattens the beef steak and splits up a number of fibers and connective tissues and makes the beef tendered. Another tip for tenderizing the meat is to cooking with high heat cooking method after it has been pounded. Another method of tenderizing the meat is to marinade it. Beef meat should be marinated with liquids which contain an acidic ingredient like olive oil, lemon juice, wine, vinegar. Beef meat can also be marinated with seasonings like pineapple, salt, pepper and exotic herbs. Lemon juice as well as vinegar or wine softens the connective tissues and the fibers of the steak. For a better tenderizing action it is recommended to leave the meat in marinates overnight.

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