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Prepare Barbecue Sauce by Mixing Together Catsup, Preserves, BrownSugar, vinegar, Teriyaki, red pepper, mustard, And pepper. Place RoastAnd Barbecue Sauce in a Large Plastic Bag, or Glass Dish. RefrigerateOvernight. Place water And Cooking Rack or Steamer Basket in a 6-QuartPresto? Pressure Cooker. Cover Rack or Steamer Basket With Half of TheSliced onions. Remove Roast From Sauce (reserve Sauce). Put Roast OnOnions And Cover With Remaining onions. Close Pressure Cooker CoverSecurely. Place Pressure Regulator on Vent Pipe. Cook at 15 PoundsPressure, With Regulator Rocking Slowly, For The Following Doneness: 8To 10 Minutes Per Pound For Rare; 10 to 12 Minutes Per Pound ForMedium; at Least 12 to 15 Minutes Per Pound For Well-Done Meat. CookPork 15 Minutes Per Pound Until Well Done. Let Pressure Drop of ItsOwn Accord. Meanwhile, Place Reserved Barbecue Sauce in a Saucepan AndSimmer, Until Reduced by About One-Half, Stirring Occasionally. RemoveRoast And Keep Warm. Discard Cooking water or Use For Making Soup.Puree onions in a Blender or Food Processor And Add to ReducedBarbecue Sauce. Serve Sauce With Sliced Roast.

Makes 8 to 10 Servings

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