Thai eggplant

Thai eggplants

Name Variations Edit

  • ma keua

About Thai eggplants Edit

The Thai eggplant, locally called ma keua is a variety of eggplant which is used in the Thai traditional cuisine. The Thai eggplants are characterized mostly by a white or apple green color and a medium round size. This kind of eggplants is among the most popular ones, as they are easy to recognize and easy to prepare as boiled, baked, fried or roasted. In the various cuisines of the world, the eggplant is also called melongene or aubergine. The Thai eggplant is rich in carbohydrates and vitamin, as it includes A and B vitamins and C-complex. Besides these, the Thai eggplant is low in calories, so it helps in low calorie diets and healthy culinary habits.

The most popular eggplant dishes in Thai are the ones that include curry, which used a lot in the local cuisine of Thailand. Among these, there is the red curry, which defines a recipe that includes eggplant cut in quarters in a spicy and flavored curry sauce, lime leaves, coconut milk and fish sauce.

Thai eggplant Recipes Edit

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