Although Gevalia is the best-loved coffee of Sweden for well over 100 years, it was introduced in the United States only as recently as 1983. Since then Gevalia Coffee has established itself as a top super-premium coffee brand and a virtual gold standard for the refreshing brew. Producing a perfect cup of coffee involves combining different beans, roasting and grinding the beans in various ways, and tasting endless cups of coffee daily to develop a uniquely perfect coffee blend. And it is this painstaking effort at which Gevalia excels. Little wonder then that King Gustav of Sweden, on a sailing excursion in the Baltic, was lured into the port of Gavle by the inviting aroma of Gevalia. Making that perfect cup. There are those who believe that half the pleasure of a great cup of coffee comes from the ritual of making it. Regardless of the precise outcome, however, coffee purists will insist that if you want coffee done right, you must make it by hand, with a great deal of care and attention to detail. However, in this day and age, and, of course, all things being equal, one would prefer to have ones coffee with as little effort as possible. Delightfully today, technology allows us to have our gourmet Gevalia café and drink it too, thanks to a breed of coffee makers right from the humble gravity-based one to the programmable one for the technologically savvy! And for the less fussy drinkers, there is a whole range of Gevalia coffee pots. So, when you savour your next refreshing cup, spare a thought for that innovative Abyssinian goatherd Kaldi, whose thrill after tasting some berries which his goats had consumed, continues to be shared by a whole humanity of coffee-drinkers.

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