Prep Time: 2 minutes

Serves: 1

Description Edit

We all love to drink. And we generally enjoy sweet, delicious, fruity drinks. And the Margarita is the epitome of that. Named after a delicate Mexican flower around the turn of the century, this drink has found itself worked into our everyday vernacular and kitchens. Hundreds of variations exist, most of which are made using high fructose corn syrup and bottom barrel tequila. But that's not the way to do it.

A note on the liquor Edit

When making a Margarita you have to take into account the quality of the liquor that you are using. If you use a ten dollar bottle of tequila with a five dollar bottle of triple sec, expect your head to hurt, your stomach to heave and your life to suck after words. It'll also taste like hell. Using a higher quality tequila like 1800 Reposado, Hornitas or Patron, as well as a higher quality triple sec, will yield a much more pleasurable result. If you skimp on the liquor, expect hell.

A note on preparations Edit

The salt on the rim: that's up to you. But I do not advise people to drink their Margaritas "frozen." When drinking a Margarita you want to be able to taste the tequila. When drinking it "frozen" you're drinking a lot of ice and water with each sip, meaning it's watered down. You want to drink it "on the rocks" to get the actual experience. You'll also notice that when you drink this, it doesn't taste like sugar and candy. That's because that's not how a Margarita should taste.

Ingredients Edit

  • One shot of tequila (some prefer two, they're far more adventurous than most)
  • One shot of triple-sec
  • One shot of lime juice (fresh squeezed works best)
  • salted rim, optional.

Directions Edit

  1. Shake it and serve on the rocks. Simple as that. Enjoy the hell out of it!
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