You know when you can't quite decide if you want to eat dinner, or if you'd like to eat breakfast? No worries-- this is for the finicky one in all of us. Good luck to me!!! (And no, srrsly, you have to try this thing. The waffles make it AMAAAZING.

Ingredients Edit

Directions Edit

  1. Fry bacon until tender-crisp. Reserve.
  2. Grill the burger to medium-rare. Keep warm.
  3. Make waffles; Bisquick will do: make them roughly round-shaped.
  4. Begin to fry the egg, until it has opaque white but still warm (but runny) yolk.
  5. On the waffles, condiments (my choice: a small amount of grainy mustard; the egg yolk provides plenty of fat.)
  6. Toss that bad boy on the waffle; if you opt for raw onion as well, place it on bottom of the waffle (thinly sliced) first, then secondly, a few slices of bacon, and then, place the patty. On the opposite waffle, layer the mustard and arugula. Place the egg on top, and gently break the yolk. Make sure it soaks the arugula, mildly wilting it.
  7. Serve IMMEDIATELY with sweet potato fries. This can totally be garnished with fresh tomatoes and/or carrots (I know, but it's good!) if you prefer.
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