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The name of this plant comes from the Latin Rubus and it belons to the family Rosaceae, together with juneberries or Amelanchier, chokeberries or Aronia, hawthorns or Crataegus, apples or Malus, cherries & plums or Prunus, and roses or Rosa. Thimbleberry is a shrub with large, simple, and palmately-lobed leaves that are pale beneath and green above, turning orange to maroon in fall. Generally the flowers are white but they can also be pink, in clusters of 2-7. as for the fruit, it contains numerous hairy, red or scarlet drumpelets that are nearly dry when they reach maturity and fall apart when they are picked. Timbleberries grow well on barren inferile soil and for a ood development they need adequate soil moisture. They also grow on rocky and dry soil and deep well-drained loam. Other common names of this plant are: Mountain Sorrel, Salmonberry, Western Thimbleberry, White Flowering Raspberry,and Western Thimble Raspberry. A very interesting aspect is related to the fact that thimbleberry seeds are stimulated by fire. Also, growth is rapid after fire and some plants can bear fruit during the first postfire year.

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