A thick type of Worcestershire sauce is manufactured in Japan under brand names such as 'Bulldog', which reflect its English origins. A thicker variety of the sauce, although labelled Worcestershire in katakana, is commonly known as tonkatsu sauce and most often used as a condiment for fried, breaded pork cutlets. Both the dish and the sauce are thought to have derived from English cuisine imported in to Japan in the 19th Century.

Japanese Worcestershire sauce, often simply known as sōsu ("sauce"), or Usutā sōsu ("Worcester sauce") is made from purees of fruits and vegetables such as apples and tomatoes, with sugar, salt, spices, starch and caramel. It commonly accompanies western-influenced yoshoku dishes such as the aforementioned tonkatsu and korokke. Yakisoba sauce, and okonomiyaki sauce are also variants of Worcestershire sauce, often thicker and sweeter than the original.

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