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Three milks cake dessert.The dessert consists of three main parts: a sponge cake, a mixture of three milks with which to saturate the sponge cake, and a light topping which may be meringue or whipped cream.

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The cake:

  1. Use one package of sponge cake mix.
  2. Bake one cake in a 7 by 11 inch pan, following the instructions in the package.
  3. Allow to cool in the pan.

The three milks:

  1. Pour into a mixing bowl (A)
  2. Blend thoroughly.
  3. With the cake still in its pan, pinch the cake top with a fork so as to make small holes all over the cake surface, in rows about an inch apart.
  4. Slowly pour the three milks mixture over the cake.
  5. The idea is to saturate the cake thoroughly with the mixture.
  6. Let some of the mixture drop along the edges of the cake into the pan.
  7. Use all the mixture. Refrigerate at least one hour, preferably overnight.
  8. When ready to serve You can serve right on the baking pan or remove from the pan into a serving platter with a rim large enough to hold the milk sauce that will drip from the cake.
  9. Top lightly with whipped cream.
  10. Individual servings are usually about two inches by two inches.
  11. Decorate each individual piece with a cherry.
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