Beef fillet is the boneless tenderloin and it is a very delicious steak that doesn’t require too much cooking. In order to prepare beef fillet first you have to trim the excess of fat that lies on the tenderloin. Trimming is a very easy process and it requires a short time. The tenderloin can be bought without the excess of fat or with the extra fat, but if you want to save some money it is indicated to buy the tenderloin with the excess of fat because trimming is a very easy process. In order to trim the tenderloin use a sharp knife to remove the sheets of fat from the tenderloin. The strip of fat which surrounds the steak is very easy to remove as well as the strips of fat located in the middle of the tenderloin. To remove the strips of fat insert the knife between the fat and the meat and pull away the excess of fat. Trimming is done in order to avoid the steak from shrinking. After you have trimmed the strips of fat, slice the beef fillet but not thinner than two centimeters.

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