This is an Easy Dish That Can be Ready in 10 Minutes.

Boil 4 Cups water in Saucepan, With a Dash of oil And salt.In a Skillet, Melt 1 Tsp Pesto butter And 1 Tsp unsalted butter.Add 6 oz Wide egg noodles to Boiling water (i Used Half Pesto egg noodles And Half Regular).Saute 1 Large Chopped garlic clove in The Skillet, Then Add 1.5 Tbsp Pesto Sauce.As The Pasta Cooks, Spoon Pasta Broth Into The Skillet, Till The Mixture is Smooth.Drain Pasta, Mix With Pesto Sauce, Add Some Grated Hard Cheese, Season With salt And Fresh Ground black pepper.



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