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I took a long detour around a pineapple fritter recipe and concocted these. We found them to be quite tasty.

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  1. Mix ¼ cup sugar with cinnamon and put aside.
  2. This will be sprinkled on top of the fritters after they are fried.
  3. Heat oil to about 350°F while oil is heating, in a medium bowl, mix pineapple (don't drain), coconut, macadamia nuts, flour, ½ cup sugar, baking soda and salt.
  4. Dough will be thick.
  5. Using a tablespoon, drop dough into oil.
  6. Fry until golden (about 2 minutes per side) place on paper towel to drain and sprinkle with cinnamon-sugar.
  7. These are best served warm.
  8. If serving cold make sure to sprinkle the cinnamon-sugar on while they are still warm.
  9. Could also be sprinkled with confectioners' sugar (10x).
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