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About Tub Gurnard Edit

Tub gurnard's scientific name is Trigla lucerna. It has a normal size of 60 cm but it can reach even 75 cm. It has a large and heavy head with pointed snout; the snout has two lobes on each side and small spines at the tips. No transverse groove can be seen behind the eyes, even though other gurnards have such deep occipital grooves. The eyes of this species are quite small. Tug gurnard has also two dorsal fins: the first one is composed of 8 to 10 membrane bound spines, having a high profile, unlike the second one that has a long low profile with 16 to 17 rays. This fish has a reddish brown coloration on its back and upper sides, blending to reddish pink. The belly region is white to golden. Also, the inner or upper surface of the pectoral fin is a brilliant, almost iridescent bluish green, with blue edge trim. As for the food preferred by this species, it consists of small fish, and crustaceans like shrimps and crabs. Tub gurnard is to be found all around the coast of the British Isles and it prefers depths of 30 to 150 meters.

Gurnard Recipes Edit

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