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Tuna Fricasses (Tunisian)

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  1. Put yeast or baking powder into a 1/4 cup of lukewarm water. Mix all the ingredients thoroughly and add flour until you reach a paste-consistency.
  2. Prepare little buns (the traditional Tunisian shape is lemon-like, though a little bit thinner at each ends). Put the buns on a clean tea-towel and cover them with another one. Let them sit until they reach a size approximately 1/3 bigger than what they were (my mum would say until they double, but I am always in a rush!!!).
  3. Fry them in very hot oil like regular doughnuts. Take them out when they start getting brownish (I like them pale brown, but this is a question of taste in color there...being married to an artist!!!).

Let the buns sit for a while on kitchen towels in order to get rid of the extra oil. When you can touch them without getting burnt, open them on ONE side (it is unethical to open it all the way through, and much harder to eat!!!) Fill the "fricasses" with the filling ingredients.

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