Ingredients Edit

Directions Edit

  1. Drain tuna well, then flake it into a bowl.
  2. Add remaining ingredients and mix well.
  3. Use ¼ cup to spread on one slice of bread or an open-face sandwich or between two slices of bread for a regular sandwich, or mound on crisp lettuce.

Nutritional information Edit

Food exchange per serving: 1 ½ lean meat exchanges; calories: 98; cho: 2g; pro: 11g; fat: 4g; sod: 279 mg, cho: 26 mg; low-sodium: omit salt. Substitute unsalted canned tuna.

Notes Edit

  1. Marukan seasoned gourmet rice vinegar is sweet vinegar. I get a large bottle at far-east food market and only that kind because it has a sweet flavor.
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