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Turbot is also known under the name of “Greenland Halibut” and it is a deepwater flatfish. Different peoples refer to the Turbot in different ways. For instance, Americans call it the “Greenland halibut”, while Canadians call it the “Greenland turbot” and for the English fishermen it is the “blue halibut”. The turbot is a fish that belongs to the family of the Pleuronectiformes, which is in its turn comprised of seven other families and 117 species. The turbot has a few distinguishing features that make it different from all the other flat fish. First of all, in the turbot, unlike in the other flat fish, the left eye is not located on the right side, but on the upper edge of the forehead. Another special feature is that the turbot’s blind side is not white, but gray. Also, the turbot is not completely symmetrical that is why many specimens can be seen swimming with the dorsal fin upwards. The turbot is a predator being able feed itself with fish that are only slightly smaller.

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