Boneless cuts of meat are tied in order to keep the meat impact. Beef cut such as tenderloin or rib roasts are tied with cotton or linen twines that won’t taint the meat and won’t melt or burn in the oven or at great heat. One of the most common boneless cut of beef which need to be tied before cooking is the tenderloin because it has its ends are not equal, one end is thicker than the other. In order to tie a tenderloin first you need to put the thin end under it the rest of the tenderloin then tie it with cotton and you will obtain a equal portioned roast. In order to prepare stuffed beef roast that have to introduce the stuffing in a boneless cut of beef, roll it then tie it to keep the cut compact and to avoid the mixture to get out. The string must be tied tightly, but not too tied otherwise it will squeeze out the meat’s fat or the mixture. The tenderloin can be tied with a whole piece of cotton or with small numerous pieces of cotton in order to have an attractive form.

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