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About Ultra Sperse[]

Article by Sharon Anne Hill

Ultra Sperse: Instant ClearJel® Hybrid[]

ICJ has been on the market since the 1940s. It is the "grand-daddy" of modified food starches. ULTRA Sperse is a generic name for just one of the MANY 'ultra hybrids' of​​​​​​ Instant ClearJel®. 

Ultra-Sperse is an all-natural starch product of Ingredion Inc. 

Ultra Sperse: Uses[1][]

Ultra Sperse has many applications and uses!

  • Ultra-Sperse is used by manufacturers and in the culinary world in many of the same ways as xanthan gum.
  • Ultra-Sperse has a neutral flavor itself, as opposed to xanthan gum, when used in higher proportions - it will still give a much better mouthfeel.
  • Ultra-Sperse is a cold water swelling starch, meaning that it thickens (even w/o cooking) and thickens liquids into rich, creamy sauces, without any lumps.

Ultra Sperse: Buying[]

Ultra Sperse is the name of the manufacture's GENERIC varieties of modified food starch name, which disperse easily and can be just sprinkled in with a fork. These Varieties of Ultra Sperse are branded under company trademark names. Each brand of Ultra Sperse thickens (with or without) cooking, allow 5 minutes to reach its full thickening power.

Note: Also, check out the links below for Ultra Sperse-type free recipes,

Ultra Sperse: Simply Sprinkle[]

The convenience the various Ultra Sperse brands have (unlike Instant ClearJel®) is each is simply sprinkled and whisked into the wet ingredients to thicken (as easily with a fork w/o clumping). Whereas, ICJ MUST be first combined with dry ingredients or slowly blended in with a blender.

Note though... ULTRA Sperse brands ARE more expensive than Instant ClearJel®, and convenience always has its price. Still, I ALWAYS have some Ultra Sperse on hand, it's great for a little thickening boost to perhaps for a homemade spaghetti sauce, say chili, or a soup recipe.

Ultra Sperse: Thickening Power[]

Ultra Sperse brands have only about half the thickening power that Instant ClearJel®. This means you'll need nearly twice as much Ultra Sperse in regards to using Instant ClearJel, which is almost twice as potent. 

Ultra Sperse-Type FREE Recipes []

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