I am the webmaster and admin for I need volunteer contributors and some admins for the site!

For those interested in Admin Duties Edit

If anyone is interested in becoming an administrator please let me know! Post here! Or if you just have a comment, feel free to post it here as well!

A few admin duties:

  • Encourage community participation in discussions
  • Participate in discussions as often as possible
  • Make weekly enhancements to content (typos, misrepresentations and false information)
  • Occasionally add content to the site
  • Most important, greet new members and educate them on wiki guidelines

I will give you admin rights once you have shown administrative interest in the site by attending to these duties.

About meEdit

  • I have been a webmaster for 8 years. This is my first wiki site. Since this one I have started another 9 sites. For more information on these sites and my projects visit: Wiki Publishing
  • I am also a graphic artist and photographer.
  • I enjoy cooking and experimenting with new recipes.
  • I have a min pin named Voodoo!
  • I used to deliver pizza, preped food at the Olive Garden and was a bartender for a biker bar serving Hells Angels for 2 years. LOL.
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