Who is ready for the 2014 Emmy Awards? There are so many fantastic nominations this year (special shout out to Lady Mary from Downton Abbey and Claire from House of Cards!) We have created a special party menu for you to make for an Emmys viewing party with your family and friends. All of the recipes are inspired by the nominees. Enjoy!

Mr. Carson and Mrs. Hughes would expect nothing less than a fine dining tabletop, complete with fresh white linens and candles. Of course, you don't have to go to the Downton Abbey extreme, but class up your dining table in honor of Mary, Anna, and Mr. Carson's nominations.


Start out your party with this classic 1960s dish, Deviled Eggs. If anyone knows how to throw a dinner party, it's Joan- so take a page from her book and serve these retro appetizer.


Fry up some chicken as a toast to Los Pollos Hermanos signature dish. Even though this restaurant was a front for Gus' drug empire- their chicken doesn't disappoint.


Whip out your southern hospitality, and offer your guests a choice of fried chicken OR ribs (or both). Nothing is better than a plate of Freddy's famous ribs. Trust us, Frank knows best.


Sannsa Stark lives for lemon cakes. It just so happens that we do too. Make these sweet and tart lemon bars to wrap up your Emmys party!


You could kill a pack of Lone Stars, just like Rust, or you could make these upscale Micheladas and use Lone Star for the beer component. If you want to really pay homage to True Detective, drinks should be a large part of your party.



For a bonus cocktail, make some green jello shots in honor of Robin William's role in Flubber.

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Do you have any tasty Emmys themed food or drink recipe ideas? Share them in the comments below!

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