Round Two is now over! Click HERE to head to Round Three to vote! Presenting the winners of Round Two...

  • Marco's Super Awesome Nachos with 54%
  • Everything Burrito with 65%
  • Nuka-Cola with 73%
  • Butterbeer with 77%
  • Golden Apple with 61%
  • Krabby Patty with 77%
  • Slurm with 54%
  • Cookie Cat with 62%
  • Sweetroll with 71%
  • Chef's Chocolate Salty Balls with 59%
  • Ratatouille with 61%
  • Mabel Juice with 70%
  • Sea Salt Ice Cream with 54%
  • Chu Jelly with 76%
  • Poké Puffs with 69%
  • Greedy Milk with 55%

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Round Two Polls

The winner in each of the above polls will move on to Round Three on August 12! Click HERE to read more about the tournament and to track all of the rounds.

Spread the word! Share this tournament. Twit Fb

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