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UPDATE: Presenting, the final designed menu. Enjoy!

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With thousands of votes...we finally have our winning menu! Thank you to everyone who submitted menus and/or voted!

  • Main Dish: Mystery Dogs with 438 votes
  • Snack Food: Burrito Bites with 258 votes
  • Sugary Goodness: Smile Dip with 392 votes
  • Beverages: Gnome Rainbow Puke with 280 votes
  • Weird Thing Mabel Eats: Troll Doll in Green Liquid with 254 votes


Hey there Gravity Falls fans!

We had 38 fantastic entries for this round of Food Fiction...one of our best rounds yet! We are excited to present to you the finalists for the Gravity Falls Grub Menu. From the classics, like Pitt Cola, to more unusual foods, like The Brown Meat...we've got quite the selection.

It's up to YOU to vote and spread the word for your favorite fictional foods. Polls close on March 31 and we will most the final designed Grub Menu shortly thereafter!

Main Dish

Snack Foods

Sugary Goodness


Weird Thing Mabel Eats

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