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One trend that has really resurfaced recently is the mocktail. Now, we aren't talking about some boring Shirley Temple. These mocktails are sophisticated drinks that are curated to hit your palate like a real cocktail.

ALTAR produces herbal non-alcholic martinis made with all natural ingredients, such as hawaiian ginger, juniper berries, and watercress. The ALTAR founder, Jagatjoti Khalsa, made us cocktails on the spot by using his nose to detect the right proportions. His mocktails wowed us with their complexity.

"A truly extraordinary mood enhancing experience."- ALTAR Co.

Another big company on the mocktail scene is Sociale Mocktails. Their Lavender Martini was named one of the 'top five trends' to watch for at the Summer Fancy Food Show. They also have a "Chazzi Martini" (lemon and ginger martini), which will convert you to mocktails forever.

If you want to freshen up your mocktails, pick up a few purées from The Perfect Purée of Napa Valley. They offer fresh or frozen packaged purées, such as apricot and chipotle sour purées. You can use their products in cocktails, desserts, and more.