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With the emergence of a "foodie" culture, where we live to eat instead of eat to live, the concept of the food trend has materialized. Food trends were once determined by the top chefs and an elite group of critics from magazines such as Bon Appetit and Gourmet. But in this day and age, with the presence of major media sites like Pinterest, Tumblr, and Buzzfeed, the people's voice is heard! This begs the question, which food trend is everyone talking about today?

Keeping afloat with the latest budding food trends can be difficult...but that's what the food and drink wikias are here for! Everyone wants to know what the "next big thing" is going to be, so we interviewed some of the top food and dessert admins to get their insight.

Warning: This article is likely to cause drooling and/or extreme food cravings.


Our first stop on the dessert trends tour is the world of mini. Once upon a time, bigger was better- but not anymore. At first we saw mini cupcakes, mini cookies and mini fruits tarts...but now foodies are shrinking pies, galettes, eclairs, puddings, and more!

Wikia's resident Cupcakes admin Austinandallycupcakes38795, thinks that mini is one of the "it" trends right now. Cupcakes have now been minimized to cake pops, which she says are a great go-to for birthday parties. Beyond birthday parties, mini desserts have taken over weddings. No longer are big wedding cakes a must-have-- cupcake towers, pie pops, and shot glasses of chocolate mousse are the new standard.


Let's take a turn from mini into the world of food technology. What some say is the future of dessert is finally here...the cupcake ATM. This is the piece of technology that encourages all of your late night snacking habits. Austinandallycupcakes38795 and Hisana456, the Chocolate Wikia admin, both agree that Sprinkle's Cupcake ATM is one of their favorite current food trends.


If you have two great desserts...why not combine them? We've seen the cherpumple (cherry, pumpkin, and apple pies baked into a cake) and the ice cream cookie sandwich...but the focus this year is on donuts. If you haven't heard of the cronut by now, you are in for a treat. A New York chef has come up with the glorious combination of the croissant and the donut. Why didn't we think of this before?

Beyond the cronut is the cupcake donut, which is a new creation of cupcake flavored donuts topped with icing. You really can't go wrong with this.

The Poptarts Wikia admin,WIERDGREENMAN, introduced me to a new donut hybrid- donuts made with rice flour. "This cross between a donut and mochi is has an amazing toothy texture and isn't heavy and greasy like traditional flour donuts. Your perception of the potential for donuts will change completely after one of these."


Now that we've covered which foods you should run out and buy right now (but not before you finish this article), let's talk about what lies in the future of the dessert world.

I predict that we will see more foreign dessert influences. French macarons have started popping up everywhere lately, so maybe crêpe bars will start making more appearances. WIERDGREENMAN recently tried peach-grape Oreos and cucumber Lays potato chips in China. I think we will start seeing new flavor infusions like these on the market soon.

Nostalgic desserts are something else to keep an eye out for. Hisana456 predicts that chocolate noodles are going to make a splash sometime in the future. Perhaps someone will come up with the next twist on the PB&J or the "grownup" Twinkie. Only time will tell!

In general, WIERDGREENMAN thinks that "anything appealing to the eye" and healthy desserts will dominate future food trends.


Want to read more about dessert food trends? Our resident dessert admins give you their best advice on editing and navigating their food wikias!

Allyname is the founder and admin on the Cupcakes Wikia. She recommends that new users and future admins edit, test out the recipes themselves, and most importantly- have fun with it! New users should start with the classic cupcake flavor pages and then move onto more of the crazier and seasonal cupcakes.
Hisananame is an admin on the Chocolate Wikia. She advises newcomers to start editing the incomplete pages by adding pictures, background information, and recipes.
Greenmanname is an admin on the Poptarts Wikia. He recommends that new users start by creating new pages when new flavors come out. Also, adding media like product photos is very helpful on the wikia.

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