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Renowned for its soft delicate and succulent texture and its distinctive flavour, Tuna regarded as one of the quintessential ingredients in Maldivian cooking. A number of dishes are made with tuna being the main ingredient. If you are some of with a little bit of culinary know-how here is a unique dish you can try making from the comfort of you home and share with your loved ones.




·        400gr tuna fillet

·        20gr Sultana

·        20gr kanamadu

·        ( kottamba/Indian almond)

·        30gr Tomato

·        1 teaspoon Tomato past

·        ½ teaspoon Chili powder

·        ¼ teaspoon Turmeric powder

·        ½ teaspoon Fish curry powder

·        Salt & Pepper to taste

·        10gr onion slice

·        5gr Chopped Habanero pepper (Githeyo Mirus)

·        Coconut oil (virgin)

·        100 ml water / 150 ml Thick coconut milk

·        Lime juice



1.      Heat coconut oil in a saute pan & add all ingredients except tuna & coconut milk, lime juice & spice powders.

2.      Fry until tender, add spice powder & cook.

3.      Add water, cook to a thick paste, remove from heat & season with lime.

4.      Cut & flatten the tuna fillet to thin slice to make a roulade.

5.      Spread ¾ of cooked spice mixer over tuna fillet and roll gently to a roulade.

6.      Wrap in banana leaf or coconut leaves & place back in the pan with remaining mixture.

7.      Add coconut milk & cook until gravy absorbs into the tuna fillet.

8.      Serve with Roshi (Maldivian chapathi), boiled manioc or boiled rice.                                    

9.      (can be accompanied with tuna and coconut sambal)